Jiangsu Shuguang
  • Jiangsu Shuguang Energy Equipment & Tools Co., Ltd. (JST) has the honor to get the certification of
      Recently, the Office of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Development Committee, along with eight other departments, including the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, has unveiled the second batch of enterprises awarded the certification of "Jiangsu
  • Company Renaming Announcement
  • The country's recognition of the hard work!
    In 2018, JST machining workshop team was honored as "Taizhou Workers Pioneers" by Taizhou municipal government. This year, JST machining team was honored as "Jiangsu Workers Pioneers" by Jiangsu provincial government. The country recognizes the hard w
  • We recognize your excellence!
    On May 10, the company commended and awarded 18 employees outside the JST machining workshop for their "Zero-Defect Quality" who were evaluated in the first quarter of 2019. The company began the evaluation for "Zero-Defect Quality" from the beginning
  • Congratulations-JST passed API Recertification Audits
      In year 2017, JST accepted API recertification Audits and successfully passed the audit. All the update certificates have been uploaded to JST official website-www.jst.so. (Without the permission of our company, no organization or individual may downloa
  • JST/JSD infringement allegations about the illegal use of our company name to manufacture special fa
      In view of our company received a complaint letter of NOV at present,oil drill pipe market appeared the illegal use of JST/JSD name to manufacture special fastener threads of NOV patent. The incident has seriously violated the normal business cooperatio
  • Saudi crude oil production record
      Economic Daily Riyadh electrical latest data show that in May this year, crude oil production in Saudi Arabia 1033.3 million barrels / day, an increase of 6%, the yield is further increased to 1056 million barrels / day in June, the highest since a reco
  • Export of petrochemical products to the US sanctions against Iran plans canceled
      According to overseas media reported on July 22 in Tehran, Iran Petrochemical Enterprise Association secretary Ahmad Mahdavi previous day when a media reporter, said in Tehran, the Iranian government has developed a program to export petrochemical produ
  • China's natural gas storage and transportation equipment lead the world
      Xinhua Beijing July 27 (Reporter Lee from) In recent years, natural gas in primary energy consumption share continues to improve, it is understood that by 2020 China's consumption of natural gas in 2015 or than doubling to 4100 billion cubic met
  • Gas prices are down strong expectations
      Market sources said, the NDRC is considering the reduction of non-residents using natural gas gate stations prices have dropped may reach 0.4 yuan / cubic meter -1.0 yuan / cubic meter.  This year due to falling oil prices, the price of natural gas and