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  The company's development needs, is now recruiting for the following types of work:

metal materials engineer

  Job responsibilities, working conditions and benefits:

  1. Requirements: According to product requirements, responsible for casting metal material and heat treatment and other technical issues;

  2. The process according to the operation to carry out an independent process defect collect, process capability investigations, process quality improvement and technology acceptance, complete the collection process information and data, making the process design standardization, serialization;

  3, participation in standard-setting company materials and material supplier's technical audits;

  4, to participate in product failure analysis and assist product improvement work;

  5, the preparation process of assessment instructions;

  6, other support work;

  7, the company will offer a competitive remuneration.

  Relevant experience and skill requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, machinery, metal materials, and other related professional, 3--5 years of relevant work experience;

  2, familiar with the relevant national and international standards, are familiar with the metal material and heat treatment requirements;

  3, can be hard, rigorous work attitude.

  Contact: Lily

  Tel: 0523-88680678

  Water is the source of life, and as a source of scientific and technological development talent!

  Measures: 1. company every weekend afternoon to organize training courses for quality-related quality of staff.

  2. The Company is middle management personnel to participate in job training, in cooperation with Shandong University of Petroleum, for a period of four years of in-service training activities. Through this training, the company will have a more robust leadership.