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Export of petrochemical products to the US sanctions against Iran plans canceled

2015-08-03 10:55 Source:Shuguang Oil Tools

  According to overseas media reported on July 22 in Tehran, Iran Petrochemical Enterprise Association secretary Ahmad Mahdavi previous day when a media reporter, said in Tehran, the Iranian government has developed a program to export petrochemical products to the US plan .

  Mahdavi said the plan was Iran's efforts to diversify its petrochemical market as part of Iran's petrochemical market will further open the Iranian petrochemical products after sanctions are lifted.

  Iran's IRNA news agency Mahdavi told reporters at competitive prices in order to North American countries and even the US export of petrochemical products, the Iranian government has developed a special program. May 2013, the United States to Iran eight major petrochemical companies included in the blacklist, including BandarImam Petrochemical Company, BouAliSina Mobin Petrochemical Company and Petrochemical Company.

  Iran's petrochemical industry is second only to the oil industry, the second largest foreign exchange earner.