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Jiangsu Shuguang Energy Equipment & Tools Co., Ltd. (JST) has the honor to get the certification of

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  Recently, the Office of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Development Committee, along with eight other departments, including the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, has unveiled the second batch of enterprises awarded the certification of "Jiangsu Premium" for 2023. JST is honored to be on the list.
  The certification of "Jiangsu Premium" is the pioneering work to promote brand strategy in the new situation by referring to international practices and using market mechanisms in Jiangsu Province. The main purpose of certification of "Jiangsu Premium" is to use standards as the guide and certification as the means to promote the formation of enterprises awarded the certification of "Jiangsu Premium" which are independent innovation, high-quality products, high-quality service, excellent reputation, and market recognition by being certificated the products and services that meet high standards and high-quality requirements by third-party certification.
  Chen Wei, Director of the Quality Development Department of the Market Supervision Bureau of Taizhou City, introduced that our city has focused on "one industrial system and four characteristic industrial clusters", has focused on improving the quality and brand development capabilities of enterprises, innovatively carried out activities such as "Benchmark Guidance 333", "Specialized Services for Thousand Enterprise ", and "You Say I do", and has focused on increased brand cultivation efforts, and the number of enterprises awarded the "Jiangsu Premium" certification by year continuously in recent years. As of now, 166 products (services) from 166 enterprises has the honour to get the certification of "Jiangsu Premium".
  Cherish Honor and Strive Again
  The product that JST has certified as "Jiangsu Premium" this time is tool joints. The production of tool joints has gone through these processes such as material selection, heat treatment, finishing mechining, non-destructive testing, and surface treatment. The products are carefully manufactured according to industry standards such as API 5DP and API 7-1, as well as customer requirements.
  In the certification process of "Jiangsu Premium", JST meets the requirements of four major indicators: innovative development, excellent quality, brand leadership, and social responsibility. JST is recognized as the boutique enterprise with independent innovation, high-quality products, high-quality service, excellent reputation, and market recognition.
  Winning the certification of "Jiangsu Premium" is not only the recognition of tool joints products technology, but also the recognition of long-term achievements in petroleum production and procurement of JST.
  In the future, JST will continue to optimize processes, improve quality and innovate technology based on high-quality tool joints, and contribute to deepening and expanding the new practice of Chinese path to modernization in Jiangsu Province , and writing a new chapter of new modernization construction, which is "being strong, rich, beautiful and high", of Jiangsu Province.