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China will build a solar thermal power industry in Western chain

2015-08-03 09:38 Source:Shuguang Oil Tools

  Solar thermal power industry development forum held recently in Qinghai, deputy director of the National Energy Administration Liu Qi said that China's western regions have vast unused land resources, huge resource potential development of solar thermal power generation, can build a solar thermal power industry chain on the ground, establishment of a new anchor for economic development.

  Solar thermal power generation is an important strategic emerging industries, China's industry has potential advantages in this field, to seize market opportunities may seize the strategic high ground, in 2020 the formation of strong international competitiveness; solar thermal power output can be stable and controllable regulation, is expected to serve as baseload power and assume the system peak load task, for the restructuring of the energy to make a significant contribution.

  After 20 years of research in recent years, the international solar thermal power into the industrial development period. 2014 global solar thermal power installed capacity was added 1.1 million kilowatts, Spain, the United States, India and other countries to build a number of commercial-scale solar thermal power generation projects. By the end of 2014, the global installed capacity of solar thermal power generation built 4.53 million kilowatts, the construction scale will reach 2.7 million kilowatts, more and more countries the solar thermal power industry as a strategic new energy.

  China has also accelerated the solar thermal power generation pilot, "1025" period, China's solar thermal power technology to accelerate the development and industrialization of research trials, ZKSoftware Group completed independently developed 10,000 kilowatts test plant in Qinghai Delhi ; Guangdong Nuclear Solar construction in Qinghai Delhi solar thermal power test site; Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing Yanqing built solar thermal power laboratory; State Power Investment Group, in cooperation with the US light source of the company and Shanghai Electric Group, has completed the introduction of local manufacturing technology The technical program will build stand-alone capacity of 130,000 kilowatts in Qinghai solar thermal power project.

  Experts believe that China's enterprises and research institutions have about the solar thermal power technology research carried out extensive experiments with a more adequate technical basis. Wants the state to start as soon as possible large-scale construction of solar thermal power generation, the development of solar thermal power to support the development of industrial policy to promote solar thermal power industry has become a new major strategic role.

  Solar thermal power generation to the next focus of the work, Liu Qi said that one should continue to deepen the investigation and evaluation work to improve solar thermal power generation, solar thermal power good "Thirteen Five" plan; the second number of demonstration projects to start as soon as possible, start early, Early exploration, early accumulation, and laid a solid foundation for the large-scale development of the industry; Third, we must pay close attention to the introduction of relevant support policy coordination, especially price policy demonstration projects; Fourth, the key focus solar thermal power technology, the state aid enterprise platform, organizing forces core technology research, efforts to seize the solar thermal power technology commanding heights of international competition.